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Stand Builder Immucor in ISBT BALI

Rent Shell Sheme Bali

Event Description :


Project    : ISBT Bali

Location : Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua – Bali

City          : Denpasar

Client       : IDEA International

Size           : 3 m x 6 m





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 #Workshop88 | Tricks to Prepare an Interesting Exhibition Stand in Bali

When you read news about Mobile World Congress 2016, probably you will ask whether it is possible to organize such kind of big exhibition in Indonesia. Of course, it is possible to do as long as you know the secret. For your information, the best part of those big exhibitions is on the stand of the followers of the exhibition.

The exhibition stand looks luxurious. Before that, it is better for you to learn more about how to prepare an interesting exhibition stand.

Good Lighting

When organizing an exhibition stand, you have to make sure that the stand has good lighting. In fact, by using good lighting quality, your stand will be more interesting and attracting for visitors of the exhibition. Good lighting means that there are enough light around the stand in order to make visitors see your offers clearly.

Creating Specific Theme

It is better to make specific theme for your exhibition stand, to avoid confusion of the visitors. The theme of the stand make visitors understands about what you want to exhibit even when they see your stand for the first time. Of course, it is a must to make an interesting stand design in order to make them curious and enter to your stand to find out more.

Organizing the Display of the Product Well

It is very important to organize the product you want to offer. You have to make sure that your product display has been organized well. It means the products have been managed tidily. Moreover, you have to make sure that the display is seen by the visitors. It is better to display one or two products although you have a lot of products to offer.

Using Interesting Colors

Color also has significant impact toward interest of the visitors. There is a possibility that they don’t want to enter your stand because the color of the stand is uninteresting or too bright for them. Because of that, it is better to choose soft colors combination or color which shows the characteristic of your brand. Remember! Interesting color doesn’t mean have to be too bright.

Using Additional Equipment

If you want to create a luxury exhibition stand, it is better to use additional equipment. There are several types of additional equipment for exhibition stand. You can just install a plasma television, poster, multimedia monitor, and many more. Just use those properties maximally to create high quality videos or design. It hopes by using those properties, the visitors will be curious and finally came in to your stand.

Contractor Exhibition Stand Service

To fill all of the elements above, you can’t do it by yourself. Because of that, we are ready to help you. We have enough experience in handling stands for popular exhibitions. Commonly, we were handled exhibition in Bali. So, we are trying to offer exhibition service in Bali  and stand contractor in Bali . One of projects which can be used as our portfolio is exhibition stand project for Dji Sam Soe. a Cigarette company brand from Philip Morris International.

Hopefully, with interesting design the visitors who don’t really know about this brand will be curious and try to go to the stand to find out more. Moreover, for the visitors who know this brand well, they can make sure that they are choosing the right brand. Just contact us if you are interested to make an exhibition or designing an exhibition booth for exhibition preparation.


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