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This one is overdue, but I hope is still acceptable and helps. Thanks again for the work you did for us.

We picked Workshop 88 by chance for the recent 2016 Sugartech Exhibition in Grand City Surabaya. It turned out to be a wonderful working experience from start to finish.

Tommy was always very accommodating to our needs and wants. He understood that we did not have a lot in our budget for the exhibition, but he and his team managed to include most of what we wanted. We were also pleased with how relatively quick they responded to our inquiries and requests. We were happy with how the booth developed, and it was all within budget! His project manager, Aris, went above and beyond helping us with a little situation that cropped up unexpectedly.

To sum it up, Workshop 88 delivered great results within our time frame and budget

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

Mrs. Titin

Assistant to GM / MD, PT. Bosch Rexroth

Hi Tommy!

Good to hear from you! i spent a wonderfull time in Indonesia! Loved Bali! Thanks for asking!
Well, the only comment i have to give you is that everything was on time, actually i didn´t expect to see the booth already built when i arrived to the venue. So i´m glad that everything was all set and the only thing we did was to try all the videos (went well!). In addition to that , i loved the little details on the table like the plant and the bowl with candy. It was perfect! Every visitor i had in the exhibition was very surprised about the booth because comparing to the other spaces, it was different and well elaborated.
I wanted to thank you and all your team for an excellent work and all the support i had.
Hope to work again really soon with you! Sending also our best regards to all your team from the Habitat III Quito team in Ecuador!
Andrea Herera

Project Officer , Logistica Habitat III

Pertama kali SIS bekerjasama dengan Workshop 88 dan kami puas dengan hasilnya. Desain yang dibuat atraktif tapi tetap fungsional. Mampu menggambarkan tema yang diinginkan. Selain itu respons dari Workshop 88 terhadap beberapa perubahan dan perbaikan yang kami minta cukup cepat. Secara keseluruhan kami puas.

English Translation : 

First time SIS collaboration with 88 and we were satisfied with the results. Design that made was attractive but still functional. Design that they made can delivered so well with insight we want. Besides the response of Workshop 88 against some of the changes and improvements we have asked quite quickly. Overall we were satisfied.

Anis R. Indroputri

Procurement Head, Surabaya International School (SIS)

Pertama kenal Workshop 88 Production ini melalui Tommy, atau ROTE as brand EOnya Tommy. Dulu pertama event kita di support waktu exhibition New type Porsche 3 unit di Galaxy Mall, kita sangat puas dengan hasilnya dari waktu yang cukup mepet menurut saya untuk persiapan tapi dengan bantuan mereka akhirnya bisa bagus world class production dan tentunya dengan harga yang kompetitif.

Untuk kedua kalinya kita juga minta bantuan di Jakarta eh masih puas juga untuk event launching New Phantom untuk brand kita Roll Royce, Thanks Tom for the support.

English Translation :

First to know this company, i was already knew with Tommy, a young enthusiastic person through his other Event Organizer company ROTE.

That time we using his services to help us launching our new types of Porsche 3 units display in Galaxy Mall, we are very satisfied with the outcome of a tight enough time for preparation but I think with his help they can finally nice world class touch up production and of course with competitive prices.

For the second time we also ask for his service in Jakarta and still very please for the launch event for our brand New Phantom Rolls Royce, Thanks Tom for your support.

Cynthia Ratna

Marketing Manager, PT Eurokars, Jakarta

Hey Tom,
So far good banget, gak ada comment. Apa-apa tentang kerapihan. dan sebagainya…
Thanks banget buat supportnya.
Anak-anak juga tenang kok produksinya tidak terlambat.

English Translation

Hey Tom, So far so good, our production staff do not complain about the things going there.

Thanks for your support.

Our crew also was very calm because the production set up is in good schedule timing

testimonial MMK

Ronald Subekti

Owner, PT. MMK

Terima kasih Pak Tommy…
Boothnya bagus…

English Translation : 

Thanks Mr. Tommy

Booth very nice

Lasalle College

Ayu DA

-, Lasalle College

Iyah pak Terima kasih sudah di persiapkan dengan baik boothnya dalam waktu yang mendadak 4 hari saja Anda siapkan dari optional design yang team bapak persiapkan juga. Di tunggu kerjasama berikutnya pak di Surabaya.

English Translation : 

Thank you sir that you can help us to preparing this sudden booth in within only 4 days, from design until dismantling. We can wait for another collaboration work with your company

Mr. Ridwan Budiman

Corporate Secretary , PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero)

Yang paling saya teringat dan sangat apresiasi sekali adalah respon dan bantuan team Workshop88,  Ketika itu kami menghadapi problem krusial yaitu perubahan text logo utama yang besar di backdrop panggung utama karena perubahan sponsor, Panik jelas karena sudah mau loading nanti malam dan bahkan penambahan Photo booth pada H-1 di waktu long weekend. Dan saya angkat telpon dalam keadaan panik untuk telpon kontraktor kami untuk mengkomunikasikan hal ini.

Alhasil Bapak Tommy dan Team mampu mensukseskan acara seminar yang kami hadapi dan berhasil mencari vendor printing yang buka. Terima Kasih pak pengalaman bapak dan koordinasi bapak membantu sekali kesuksesan event kami.

Nb : lain kali di tambah discountnya pak (^_^)

English Translation : 

The most i remember is team Workshop88 so ready for the changing we made, at that moment we are facing a crucial problem that main backdrop is changes in main logo for a change sponsors, Panic obviously because the changing is only 3 hours before setting night plus we have a sudden inquiry to instalment a  photo booth on H-1 at that moment in a long weekend in Indonesia. And I just pick up the phone in a panic to call our contractors to communicate this matter.

As a result Mr Tommy and Team make us so calm, were they able succeed  and find a way out for our matter. Thanks Tommy your experience and coordination help us to success this event.

Ps: Next time more discount Tommy (^^)

Mrs. Marie Kwok

co Founder , PT. Widodo Sukses Abadi

Ok Mas thanks yah untuk service teamnya ok mas terutama mas Aries


Testimonial SRCEnglish Translation : Ok Sir. Thank you for the great service from your side especially Mr. Aries who help me fix the Projector matter

Mr. Steven

Project Officer , CV. Sarci Media

Thanks for your effort 



Director , Panda Deco Malaysia

Well done !! Itu kata-kata yang tergambar di benak saya saat project yang kita berikan ke WORKSHOP 88 terdelivery dengan waktu yang sangat tepat dengan kualitas produksi yang melebihi ekspektasi. Dukungan tim yang siap bekerja minutes by minutes dan hours by hours membuat project yang hampir mustahil dalam waktu yang sangat terbatas menjadi sangat visible, realizable, dan reliable di bawah koordinasi P.Tommy. Keep up the good Spirit !!

English Translation : 

Well done !! It was the words that cross so quick on my mind when the project that we give to WORKSHOP 88 delivered with a very appropriate time with the production quality that exceeds expectations. Support team who are ready to work minutes by minutes and hours by hours making project which is almost impossible in a very limited time to be very visible, realizable, and reliable under the coordination Tommy. Keep up the good Spirit !


Stefanus Ongkodjojo MSc.

Managing Director, Stefanus Rannova

Overall ok Kok, Accountnya juga kemarin dapatnya banyak Testimonial Danamon BankEnglish Translation : 

Overall well done, and plus also we can a huge amount of billing while jointing this expo !


Fitri Oktaviyani Hariyanti

Regional Marketing Manager, PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk

Makasih banyak atas kerjasamanya… Bagus mejanya…

English Translation : 

Thank you so much for the cooperation, very good reception desk

testimonial dian

Dian Mayasari

-, universal.net.id

Luar Biasa Mas, Sangat Puas dalam 3 hari kita berkomunikasi dari hari Minggu di hari selasa sudah bisa loading. Mulai dari Design, konstruksi booth pameran dan sampai permintaan property malam malam dari pak Komandanpun bisa sigap di lakukan oleh team Anda.

English Translation : 

Superb Sir, we are very Satisfied we only communicate within 3 days from Sunday to Tuesday and finally at the setting date we can move in ground expo. Not much time we have actually starting from design, construction and exhibition booth.

Also you can make a good bridging from Our Head Chief when He requested suddenly property in the evening of the pack can be done by your team.

Testimonial Client Pameran


Mr. Ecko Budi

Super Intendant Officer, Aceh Besar Police Station

Pak Tommy ,terima kasih Supportnya di booth 9 Oktober. Boss Boss besar puji puji booth KOS 3 dan penataannya. Thank yaa

English Translation : 

Mr. Tommy i have to say that we should say a big huge thanks to your support in our event in October 9th. We so over whelmed with many compliment and appreciation for Stand KOS 3 that you are build, from Bos and Big  Bos


Testimonial PT. HMS

Mrs. Hung Lian

Procurement Manager, PT. HMS Sampoerna

Halo Pak, Semua Berjalan dengan Baik . Lampu tidak ada yang mati. Cukup puas pak :). Buat Flexi tempelan dinding nanti buat kita boleh yah pak.

English Translation :

Hai Sir, everything was smooth and goes well. Electricity run normally. And the poster it’s ok for us ? we place it at our office

Mr. Arianto

PT. Raja Bearindo Aditama

BAGUS, CEPAT thanks pak Tommy atas perhatiannya. Stand kita selesai duluan gak pakai lama jauh lebih bagus daripada sebelumnya

English Translation : 

GOOD, FAST Thanks Sir for your awareness, our stand was finished number ONE than the others stand. And also much better design than previous


Testimonial Pak Kevin

Mr. Kevin Santos

Area Manager , PT. Gajah Mada Stone

Pak Tommy, eventnya sudah selesai thanks banyak atas bantuannya. very appreciate untuk support Workshop 88


English Translation : Thanks Tommy, event was done sucesful, thanks for your fast support and countable, and a lot of positive feed back from the visitor. see you in next event Sir

Ms Karina

Project Manager , PT. HMS

Thanks Tommy for your help

Mr Shabeeb

Project Manager , Beauty Sky

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