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GE Stand Location at Hospital EXPO Surabaya - Indonesia

Stand Design GE in Hospital Expo Indonesia

Indonesia Exhibition Design Firm

Stall Exhibition in Surabaya

Event Description :


Project    : The 12th Surabaya Hospital Medical Pharmaceutical Clinical Laboratories Equipment & Medicine Exhibition

Location : Grand City CONVEX Exhibition Hall

City          : Surabaya

Client       : SRC Kontraktor Pameran

Size           : 3 m x 6 m ( 18 Sqm )



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#Workshop88 | Reference of Hospitality  Exhibition Stand Service in Surabaya Bali, Jogjakarta and Jakarta City

Managing a hospital business is a good step. In fact, the development of hospital in Indonesia is very interesting and increasing. But, it doesn’t mean that the owner of hospital business can just relax.

To get more income and profit, you have to promote more and more. One way to promote your property business is by following hospitality exhibition such as the largest hospital exhibition in Surabaya.

Just learn the tricks to make your exhibition stand visited by many visitors.

Seeing the Location of the Exhibition

It is very important to do. By knowing the location of the exhibition, you can predict what you need as well as the strategy you want to use to make visitors come to your stand. For example, you can make sure about the size of the stand you want to use.

Moreover, you can also find the right theme idea to make your stand more interesting. Of course, you also make sure about the additional properties you have to install so the design of the stand will be maximal.

Making a Plan for the Exhibition Stand

After knowing the location of your exhibition stand, it is the time to create a good plan related to that stand. Your plan determines your success in the exhibition later. There are several important elements of stand design. For example, you have to make a plan about the display, the space for the visitors, lighting, clean, colors, and many more. If you can prepare those elements well, the visitors will be sure to go to your stand. At least, they will be curious with your stand although they still see it for far away.

Preparing Promotion

It doesn’t mean that you just sit and wait for the visitors to come to your stand. If it is necessary, you have to welcome the visitors. Just give a good service without forcing them to use or buy your properties. Just let them see and explore the properties you want to offer. Don’t forget to prepare yourself to answer the questions from the visitors. Hopefully, after that there will be a lot of visitors who are interesting and even asking further about how to buy property from you.

Reference of Hospital Exhibition Stand Service in Surabaya, Jakarta  or Bali

Seeing the explanation above, it is can be said that design of stand has an important role to grab the visitors of the exhibition. You should aware that there will be a lot of competitors who offer the same thing to the visitors. If you don’t perform differently, of course your stand can’t be seen by the visitors. For that reason, we want to offer hospital exhibition stand service. In fact, the largest hospital exhibition in Surabaya is the best event to promote your offers because there will be hundreds of visitors there. As exhibition contractor in Surabaya and Bali , we have been handled property exhibition stand projects.

One of the examples of hospital booth from us is a booth for COVIDIEN. The project was done in 2015.

At that time, our challenge was to create an interesting and high quality property stand in the location around 18  m2 and second stand is 36 Sqm . By seeing all the elements, finally we were successfully designing a hospital booth or stand for our client with ACE Day Ton Singapore.

We create it along with balance color combination but still interesting. The booth is also good in space so visitors can walk freely to see the interesting offers on the booth. We also try to install good lighting and it is not only using lighting on the exhibition area.

The point is that we want to give warm and kindness atmosphere on that stand. Hopefully, visitors are interesting with the design of the simple and elegant stand. At least, they have positive feeling about properties which want to be offered. To get the best booth in Surabaya, Bali  and Jakarta, you can just directly contact our team. Our team will create property booth based on your need.


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