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Exhibition Design Bali for ISBT 2015

Design Stand Bali Info WA +628.2131.036.888


Scheel Sheme Rental Bali

Event Description :

Project    : ISBT Indonesia  2015

Location : Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua Bali

City          : Denpasar

Client       : IDEA International

Size           : 3 m x 3 m ( 9 sqm)



Whatsapp +628.2131.036.888



#Workshop88 | Bali stand builder contractor will be the best discussion today. As we know, there are a lot of events of congress held in this city. The recent 26th Regional Congress of the ISBT which was held in Bali, Indonesia was a great success. A total of 1056 delegates (inlcuding exhibitors and staff) from 51 countries attended the congress.

Thank you to the speakers, delegates, exhibitors and staff for making it such a successful congress. You can still browse through the final programme and other information on this congress website. You can choose some best designs for your Stand in Bali for other MICE Event.

Talking about expo, of course all companies that offer the service will choose the expo as their best media to promote their services. You also have to know that you can use the service of Surabaya exhibition contractor if you want to hold special expo. You can find the best contractor in Bali too like B Mecical used. You can take it as your best reference.

So, how to find the right Bali  Expo contractor? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. Here are some tips for you.

Experience and Meeting

First of all, you have to make sure that the contractor you choose has the best experience on this field. Besides that, they should be also competent on any kind of expo. Besides that, you have to also check whether their staffs are supported by good skills on exhibition field. Then, they have to also undersstand enough about constructing and designing stand design Bali.

So, you will be able to find the best contractor for your event. They will really manage the show booth designs as well. As a result, people will feel interested to spend their times on your expo. In other hand, you will get big chance to have the new customers.

Besides experience, you have to also get the meeting with the contractor staffs. Make sure that you meet their consultant. You need the right times to share anything you want to share with them. You will be also able to see about their competencies during this consultation. You will know how to get the best concept for your event with this professional stand designer Bali .

Design Revise and Focus

Next, you need to know about design revise they will take in order to suit your mind idea. You can ask them how many times they need to suit your idea. You have to make sure that this concept will be very perfect for your wish. Make sure that you really choose the best display Exhibition contractor Indonesia.

Not only talking about the revise of your expo design, you need to also check whether the contractor really focuses on your event. As we know, there are a lot of customers take this service. So, you have to also check about your own contractor whether they really focus on your project.

Innovative and Communicative

These are the best aspects on your expo preparation. The best contractor is the one with great innovation. They also should be communicative as well. So, is there any reference for you? Well, you can choose Workshop 88. It is the best stall contractor Surabaya.


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