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We are starting  year 2017 become a new member of IECA and this one became of another Milestone, we are especially said thanks to senior member which open our path to a new milestone.

THE INDONESIAN EXHIBITION COMPANIES ASSOCIATION – IECA/ASPERAPI (formerly INEXCON: Indonesian Exhibition and Convention Organizers Association) was duly established in Jakarta by virtue of a national workshop held on February 15 – 17, 1990. Such a workshop was attended by the exhibition and convention organizer companies, the government officials and members of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

IECA is the only one institution managing any domestic exhibition and convention organizers, and also others related services companies throughout Indonesia.

IECA is aimed at inspiring its members to more actively participate in any National Development Program. IECA also ensures that its members organize quality exhibitions and conventions in professional and responsible manners.

IECA is a non-profit organization registered under the Indonesian Law. The membership of IECA opens to all companies in the exhibition, convention and supporting industries, such as:

As a non-profit organization, its fund derives from the joint fee, monthly membership fee, and contribution fee.

IECA now has 13 nationally-spread representative offices, i.e. East Java, Central Java, D.I. Yogyakarta, South Sulawesi, Bali, North Sumatera, West Java, Kepulauan Riau, Riau, Nangroe Aceh Daruslam, Kalimantan and Banten.


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