Indonesia Exhibition Stand Contractor In Jakarta Info Whatsapp +6282131036888

Indonesia Exhibition Stand Contractor In Jakarta Info Whatsapp +6282131036888
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Workshop88 | NUCLEAR ASIA Exhibition, in Jakarta Indonesia Being held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the new edition of Nuclear Power Asia Conference will provide valuable insights on key challenges along the journey of new nuclear power programme development and how collaboration can play a big part in Asia’s advancement towards a safer nuclear energy future.

Nuclear Power Asia have gathered over 1500 nuclear industry professionals as advisors, speakers and conference delegates and the latest edition in Kuala Lumpur was a resounding success with 343 participants from 31 countries.

About Westing House

Westing House it self is the exhibitors and became a leader in commercial nuclear technology, Westing House Electric Company provides a wide ranga of nuclear power plant products and services to utilities throughout the world.

Advance nuclear plant design, nuclear fuelm service and maintenance. Instrumentation and control systems. No Other company is more focused on helping utilities around the wrld improve their plant technology, reduce outage time, reduce maintenance cost, and have acces to the highest quality nuclear fuel.

When the era of nuclear energy began more than 50 years ago, we were there Todah, we’re leading the way with a new generation of nuclear technology, helping the world meet growing electricity demand with safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy.

About Nuclear Asia

At this Conference we worked for Idea International from Tokyo, Japan. designated Indonesia exhibit house to develop this concept and value engineer the project, making it extremely cost effective. The display cases enhance the appearance of the products and the canister lights throughout the space bring the exhibit to life.

Jakarta is the optimal choice for the 7th annual event with a new government that is striding to address energy security issues with many great initiatives, nuclear power amongst one of the key commitments. Jarman, DG of Electricity revealed that the NPP is greatly needed in the foreseeable future.

In April 2015 Rusatom announced that a consortium of Russian and Indonesian companies won a contract for the preliminary design of the multi-purpose 10 MWe HTR in Indonesia, which would be “a flagship project in the future of Indonesia’s nuclear program.” 

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